Academic Advising

Full-semester advising

Full-semester advising offers students high-quality support for their studies. Our professional tutors, who have earned a masters degree or higher from internationally recognized U.S. universities, provide tutoring support for student success. 2500 students have benefited from this type of service and improved their academic abilities, achieving success in the U.S. Study plans and study objectives are customized based on students’ actual academic needs and tutors communicate with schools based on students’ performance. Weekly study reports are sent to parents for regular updates.

Subject advising

Subject advising service supports students’ study in a specific area based on their backgrounds and demands. Academic understanding and knowledge in specific subject areas are strengthened as students gain facility in understanding the nuances of different areas. Students are encouraged to find the best solution for the academic weak points with approprate advising support from education professionals.

TOEFL advising

TOEFL Advising Service helps students improve their TOEFL scores rapidly for school application. Every student receives a customized TOEFL study plan after a professional TOEFL assessment test. 3-4 VIP-tutors with years of TOEFL teaching experience help students in four subsections: reading, listening, speaking, and writing. VIP one-on-one advising ensures students to make rapid progress in a short time span.

SAT advising

SAT Advising Service offers students a customized SAT study plan. The course contents are based on the official guide, characteristics of SAT exams, and professional analyses of test items. Tutors have in-depth research training on SAT exams, allowing them to teach students efficient problem-solving rules and strategies to help students consolidate weak points while strengthening mathematic, reading and writing abilities.